Video Guide - PopuLLar: Motivating secondary school students to learn languages through their music

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Chapter 1
What is PopuLLar?

Chapter 2
Select a Song

Chapter 3
Rewrite the Lyrics in Your Native Language

Chapter 4
Translate the Lyrics into the Target Language

Chapter 5
If You Want to Start a Choir

Chapter 6
Record Singing (both) Audio & Video:
Recording Audio

Chapter 6.1
Record Singing (both) Audio & Video:
Smartphone editing

Chapter 6.2
Record Singing (both) Audio & Video:
Using Camera For One Shot Recordings

Chapter 7
Upload and Share:
How to upload a file

Chapter 7.1
Upload and Share:
How to share a file

Chapter 8
Evaluating the PopuLLar project

Chapter 9

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